Structured Approach to Safety Cases

Intelligent software tools for Safety Case development

Automated Assistance

Development, use, review and update of high quality Safety Cases relies on a range of 'know-how' intense skills built up over years of practice and learning.
At the same time, there is widespread recognition across industries where potential hazards exist - and in their regulatory bodies - that modern Safety Cases:

  • should be Living Documents
  • should be developed in a systematic way, using structured methods that ensure a thorough consideration of safety
  • should be concise, balanced, proportionate, accessible, intelligible and valid, and provide tangible through-life benefits

Faced with these layers of overlapping complexity and ever increasing workloads, Safety Case Consultants have had few automated tools to assist in their consideration of safety factors - until now!

At last, following the introduction of SASC-AI, the writing of Safety Cases can be aided by intelligent software tools and a supporting new set of methods that increase the efficiency of production and use of Safety Cases.

Summary benefits

Combined, SASC-AI tools and methods ensure that best practice is always followed, especially in the development of underlying arguments and justifications.
Incorporation of intelligent software support tools into high-hazard industry sectors for the preparation, use and revision of Safety Cases would:

  • ensure no significant issues are overlooked
  • ensure best practices are always followed
  • dramatically reduce re-work
  • allow the re-use of appropriate existing information
  • ensure safety cases are easier to keep updated
  • provide a continuous learning environment, over time

Based on historical data and well-established 'rules of thumb', SASC-AI would be expected to deliver step-change improvements in cycle time, productivity, quality and safety, with parallel reductions in cost and risk.

Our new SASC-AI White Paper looks at how organisations can speed the development and review of their Safety Cases while enhancing their quality and usability at lower cost. It sets out the key factors is setting up a Safety Case Conceptual Model, and identifies some of the many ways in which SASC-AI can assist the Safety Case Consultant.

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Structured information and the 'know-how' of experts combined

SASC-AI has been conceived as a way of combining a 'structured information' approach with 'know-how' and advice from experts in Safety Cases on how best to write these documents.
In particular, SASC-AI builds on structured methods already being used and promoted as best practice, such as the use of Goal Structuring Notation diagrams.

The Safety Case Conceptual Model

At the heart of SASC-AI is the creation of a highly-structured model of all aspects of the situation, a nuclear facility for example, being examined for safety related issues.

This Safety Case Conceptual Model includes all relevant concepts such as hazards, faults, fault sequences, mitigating measures, facility items, facility processes and the evidence for safety case decisions. Each of these concepts is described in terms of the type of thing it is, its characteristics, and its relationships to other concepts in the same model. The safety-critical issues of specific phases of a facility's lifecycle - design, construction, commissioning, operation, or decommissioning - would also be included where appropriate.
The information in the model may be enlarged by importing data from existing databases, such as a BIM.

Identifying issues, making decisions and creating content

SASC-AI helps users to identify quickly and thoroughly the relevant safety issues, to make robust evidence-led decisions, and also automatically create content for a Safety Case document such as descriptions, diagrams and tables. The software expertly supports the full range of Safety Case tasks such as information retrieval and collation, information analysis, decision making and planning.
Note that users are free to interrogate the reasoning behind all decisions and recommendations that SASC-AI has processed.

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