Why Us


Our perspective

Artificial Intelligence is coming of age. No more false dawns.
Get it, use it - be astounded!

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Our people

Our skills mix gives us strong technical and business competence.
And we're connected directly to the latest thinking in web science and computing.

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Our technology

Why settle for
'same old - same old'?
Especially when there's a new kid on the block.

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Our commercial approach

So you think software licencing has to be a blunt instrument?
You need flexibility - try us!

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Our history

From the time of its origins in 1992, the company has invested in and evolved around advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering and Computer Science.

Tacit Connexions Limited was formalised in May 2007, following a successful co-venture period between Thought Leaders Limited and Epistemics Limited. Tacit Connexions brought together the business development and process skills of Thought Leaders with the world-leading software - PCPACK - and specialist knowledge engineering services of Epistemics.
Epistemics was formed in 1992 by Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Steve Swallow to bring to market commercially viable tools and methods for knowledge engineering.  The co-venture with Thought Leaders provided the process and strategic insights necessary to build enterprise level knowledge solutions for multiple sectors.


Software Development

If you've got skills in AI, Expert Systems or PHP or C++ software design, development or support - why not contact us to see if we're suited?

Knowledge Engineering

If you've got the aptitude, we've got the knowledge you'll need to become one of our Knowledge Engineers - check us out!

Project Management

All successful projects need expert set-up, execution and close-down - can you convince us you're the right person for the job?



All our solutions are built from the same set of generic software modules, selected and combined to precisely meet the client's requirements. We happily integrate with all the usual databases and schemas.


Real world domains can be extremely variable: broad - narrow - shallow - deep. We can handle any mix of these and add, remove, and modify with no impact on the rest of the software or programming data.


Our solutions can handle even the most complex of client domains: the range of expertise, process, information and data, and the pace at which those are updated and evolve.


The technology we use lends itself beautifully to 'start small- scale fast' - without any scrapage or re-work. Start with a representative set of system functionality, prove it, then add functionality and grow the user base at your own pace as the solution gets quickly adopted.


We've split our programming code from the "programming data". This allows us to make the programming code completely generic (no specific 'domain' terms) and use intelligent Q&A Wizard configuration tools to create and maintain the programming data.

Success Stories

As our client, what will really matter to you is how satisfied your are once our solution is in place.
Here is a selection of projects we've completed where clients were delighted with the outcome they achieved. In each case, our work has delivered major benefits to them and their organisation.

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