Three easily configured modules

Smart Wikis™

All our Smart Wiki solutions combine four standard elements with a wide range of highly configurable functions that exactly match a user's needs.


  • Traditional interactive Wikis
  • Content Management
  • Social Networking
  • Knowledge-based Systems


  • Personalised Views & Multiple 'perspectives'
  • Data Integration from multiple sources
  • Secure 'Need to Know' Access Control
  • Interactive Commenting
  • Controlled Editing
  • Intelligent Semantic Search
  • Auto mark-up links to related content
  • Customised Tables
  • Intelligent Q&A Wizards
  • Alerts to Changes
  • Personal Notes
  • 'Favourites' Hyperlinks
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Adaptive Recursive Process Management

This intelligent module delivers a breakthrough in performance in comparison to conventional workflow.

It does this by managing collaborative knowledge-based processes 'on-the-fly' by determining what should be the next step in the process only when the previous step has been completed and its outcome is known.

As a result it can accommodate the impact of real-world events and live inputs.

The module's ease of configuration means that a wide range of capabilities can be implemented to match individual process requirements and each users information needs.

Typical implementations might include:

  • Directing the right work to the right person at the right time
  • Auto-retrieval of contextually relevant documents, Lessons Learned, and 'how-to' instructions ready for the user to utilise
  • Applying the insightful reasoning of experts and experienced users to handle process exceptions as a human would
  • Re-sequencing process steps in real-time to adapt to live inputs as they happen
  • A single installation can run multiple, concurrent expertise-driven processes
  • Incorporating as much of the organisation's 'know-how' as needed - its experience, understanding, insight and learning
  • Live capture of data and decision-making rationale
  • Gantt Charts are created and auto-updated in real-time for each concurent process
  • Easily configurable as your 'best-practice' evolves
  • Responsive and time-saving live project dashboard
  • Ad hoc and templated reporting formats
  • Integration with standard analytic tools for enhanced BI reporting
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Modeller Tools

A range of modelling tools is included with our Smart Wiki packages. These tools can be used to set up new Smart Wiki configurations and to provide on-going support and maintenance to live Smart Wiki solutions.

  • Knowledge acquistion and modelling of concepts, relationships, processes and rules
  • Designing the Smart Wiki User Interface, Layout and Content Visibility
  • Ontology Management

Extensive use is made of user-friendly Q&A Wizards so that only a minimum of training is required to become proficient in their use.

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Technical Details

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Technology & Standards

  • RESTful Services
  • SPARQL 1.1
  • Distributed RDF Modelling
  • Semantic and Linked Data
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • SOA
  • SKOS Knowledge Organisation
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System Requirements

  • Any Standards-compliant browser on:
    SmartPhone, Tablet device, Laptop or desktop - Windows or OSX
  • Middleware runs on Windows Server